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Starrett gages and inspection tools

Starrett Micrometers

Sure, there are a lot of manufacturers that make a good micrometer...but Starrett mics aren't just good, they're fantastic tools and what's more, they're 100% Made in USA. But then again we're sure you already knew that. We are certain anyone who hopped on to this web page got here because they were looking for the Starrett name.

Starrett is world renown for their great tools and inspection equipment. From inside mics to outside mics, depth mics and the like, Starrett has the correct tool for your application be it in English or metric measurement.

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Bench Mics

The Starrett Bench Micrometer is a high precision instrument, ideal for bench use either in a shop environment or inspection laboratory. It can be used as a comparator measuring to fifty-millionths of an inch (.000050") or two-thousandths of a MM (0.002 mm) or for direct measuring to .0001" or 0.002 mm. Work lengths up to 2" or 50 mm can be measured.

Dial and digital calipers

Starrett electronic digital calipers are the only American made electronic digital calipers on the market. These calipers can be used conventionally or they can output the measurement information to all Starrett SPC® Electronic Data Collection Systems and printers, for collection and analysis.

Starrett dial calipers are also the only dial calipers on the market that are 100% American made. These are some of the handiest measuring tools available, used by mechanics and toolmakers everywhere. These tools are direct reading, reliable, and accurate.


Starrett's precision test indicators were designed to be positioned for easy and accurate readability. The versatility of the angle head, combined with the three (3) dovetail mounts eliminates the need for having both vertical and horizontal style test indicators. These are the features that make Starrett's indicators superior to ordinary test indicators.

Starrett special tooling

Throughout its history, The L.S. Starrett Company has manufactured a multitude of special hand tools and gages for thousands of customers in many different industries.

Starrett invites you to submit drawings and specifications for prompt quotations.

We here at Danco also invite you to send your special gage tooling prints and specs via Email: sales@danco-inc.com
or via fax: 203-755-9011.

We're happy to work with both Starrett and you, the customer on your special tooling needs.

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