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Since 1983 Lockwood Products, Inc. has been producing LOC-LINE®, the first modular coolant hose system. LOC-LINE products changed the way coolant was delivered on machine tools, improving accuracy and tool life. Today, Lockwood Products, Inc. continues the modular hose concept with four different hose diameters, a multitude of nozzles, fittings and accessories suitable for many industrial applications. For air, liquids, vacuum and third arm applications, LOC-LINE offers the flexibility you need for your hosing requirements.

Bending doesn't decrease the inside diameter and it won't kink or fatigue like copper tubing.

Unlike metal hoses, Loc-Line® won't damage machine tool cutters if contact occurs.

Loc-Line® is electrically nonconductive. It is ideal for use as an EDM flushing hose.

Loc-Line® has no internal positioning rod that can break or restrict fluid flow.

Repeated positioning is easy and it will stay in position without any springback. Creep due to machine vibration is eliminated.

Loc-Line® is manufactured in a premium grade acetal copolymer material which is chemically resistant to petroleum products, coolants, and most common chemicals. Selected parts are also available in an acid resistant polyester.

Loc-Line® continues the original adjustable hose concept by offering three hose diameters, manifolds, valves, and a large choice of nozzles and fittings including the new Magnetic Base Manifold proving, adjustability only just started with our original concept.

Loc-Line® is designed for low pressure applications.
Maximum pressures for the hose system vary with the length of the hose, the diameter of the selected nozzle, and the bending angles. The following specifications are recommended for all Loc-Line® products.

Line Pressure & Flow Rates:

1/4" System
30 - 50 PSI
250 Gal / Hour

1/2" System
20 - 30 PSI
478 Gal / Hour

3/4" System
10 - 20 PSI
1,140 Gal / Hour

Temperature Specs:

Melting point:
329° F
Max. operating temp.:
170° F

Please note that all applications have variables and conditions that will affect the maximum hose pressures. Testing is always recommended whenever possible.

All Loc-Line® products are made in the USA

© 1996 Lockwood Products, Inc.

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