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The categories below (Machinery and Material Handling Equipment) represent just a portion of what JET has to offer. Also in the JET line are; Power Tools, Air Tools, and other Metal Working Tools. For a complete JET catalog CLICK HERE


JET has been supplying woodworking and metalworking machinery for over 25 years. Recently an entire new line of value-added products was launched and the response from the market has been incredible. As expected, Canada was ready for machinery offering exceptional features and benefits without over inflated prices.  

This new lineup features everything from woodworking table saws, bandsaws, jointers, planers, shapers, lathes, mini-lathes, molders and dust collectors. As well, an ever growing line of metalworking tools such as drill presses, horizontal/vertical bandsaws, cut-off saws and bench grinders is offered.

All machinery is backed by a 2 year limited warranty. JET carries a full compliment of parts and accessories for immediate shipment if the need arises. Their commitment to after sales service is taken very seriously at JET and has been a major factor in the steady growth experienced on all product lines.

CLICK HERE to check out an example of a Jet Belt driven Lathe

CLICK HERE to check out examples of Jet Geared Head Lathes

Material Handling Equipment

JET Material Handling Equipment is recognized as the standard of industry in Canada.  As a leading supplier for over 40 years, they have consistently provided heavy duty industrial quality products that are proven work horses.  Their attention to safety, reliability and dependability has earned them an enviable reputation in the market today. 

Over the years, JET has participated in the construction of many of Canada's mega projects including hydro electric plants, car plants, oil refineries, pipelines, pulp mills, smelters, offshore oil rigs, stadiums and many more.  As a result, they have acquired a thorough understanding of the needs of Canadian users. 

JET has used this experience to ensure that they offer equipment that is on the cutting edge of technology. Their wide range of products means they have the right tool for the job.  These include manual and overload protected chain hoists, electric chain hoists, manual and overload protected chain pullers, grip pullers, cable pullers, trolleys, beam clamps, plate clamps, snatch and yarding blocks and hand winches.  Where applicable all products meet or exceed the specifications of the American National Standards Institute.