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Chicago Latrobe®

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No matter what you are drilling, "Chicago Latrobe" has a tool for you. From general purpose jobbers drills to oil hole drills, Danco can provide the right "Chicago Latrobe" drill for your needs.

Special heavy duty "chip breaker" drills available for materials that produce a stringy chip such as; carbon steels, steel forgings, and tough alloy steels.

Drills, reamers, screw extractors, drill sets, reamer sets, extractor sets, drill blanks, reamer blanks, drifts & sleeves, tool bits and cutoff blades, you name "Chicago Latrobe" has it and Danco sells it!


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"Putnam" has been the name among names when it comes to endmills and milling. It's been like that for decades. "Putnam" equals quality. Danco offers these great tools for you, most in stock ready to ship.


If you have a big job that requires a hefty amount of material removed then you know you are going to need a roughing endmill. Whether you need, high speed steel, cobalt, three flute, four flute, multi flute, shell mill multi fluters,Danco should be your first choice for "Putnam" endmills.

"Putnam" also manufactures a high performance line of center cutting cobalt endmills with titanium nitride coating. Also, "Putnam" offers many different endmill and shellmill holders, with shanks ranging from; Bridgeport R-8, V-40 & V-50 flange, B&S taper, American standard taper shank, plus more!

With the ever growing need for faster manufacturing of parts, Carbide and Carbide tipped tools have become a necessity. Call Danco today to get current pricing and availability on you high quality carbide tipped "Putnam"endmill needs!


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Geometric Threading Tools
and Chasers

DSA DIEHEADS: There are no better die heads for use on Brown & Sharpe automatics, and for other small screw machines of either the automatic or hand type, than the Geometric style DSA die heads. DSA incorporate aligning shanks which permit adjustment for any reasonable machine misalignment. All sizes are equipped with both an outside trip for short length and fine pitch shoulder threading or a pull-off trip for threading lengths providing ample chaser engagement for tripping. Conversation from one trip to another is quick and simple.

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ACME-FETTE: Thread rolling is widely accepted as the fastest and preferred method of economically producing uniform, smooth, precise threads of superior physical qualities. It is a chipless cold forming process, simple in nature and ideal for external threads. The process is also capable of performing non-threading operations such as burnishing, knurling and rolling of helical and annular grooves of various forms. The Acme-Fette thread rolling system is second to none. It's versatility in threading various threads and performing many other non-threading operations makes the Acme-Fette a must have in your shop!

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VERS-O-TOOL: The total design concept as applied to the Vers-O-Tool circular chasers has proven to be superior, in many threading applications, to all others in use today. To clearly understand the full significance, careful consideration must be given to the following principles and advantages:

The presetting of the chasers - The chasers or cutters are always mounted on chaser blocks and set with the micrometer gage away from the machine. This assures quick installation without the need of adjusting the machine tool for either length of thread or diameter. The removal and replacement is done in seconds without disturbing the setup. The presetting of the tool eliminates most machine downtime for chaser changing.

The advantage of shape - The circular shape of the chaser permits only enough rubbing action immediately behind the cutting edge to insure proper lead control. This eliminates excessive rubbing and assures smoother threads and longer chaser life. In addition, the chaser's body mass and external mounting provides a faster dissipation of heat away from the work and frees chips for faster cutting speeds and sustained accuracies.

Precision assured and accuracies sustained - The user is assured that with the Vers-O-Tool and one set of chasers, precision threads will be cut immediately with out any trial and error method of switching chaser sets. The tread grooves of the circular chaser are annular (no lead thread built into them). The helix angle is precisely ground into the face of the holding block at the factory and remains for the life of the tool.

The economy of grinding and replacement - The circular chasers can be ground to a full 270 deg. Compare this advantage with competitive styles of chasers. The circular tool is the simplest and easiest of all to grind with positive, accurate results. The chamfer grinding provides built-in precision which does not change as the chaser is resharpened through the entire 270 deg.

Complete interchangeability and Vers-O-Tility - All circular tools may be interchanged from revolving to non-revolving heads, size for size, to permit the greatest flexibility of heads and tools. The circular chaser's extreme versatility is demonstrated by it's ability to receive a wide range of materials by changing the grind to a precise, predetermined setting: this positions the cutting edge with the proper geometry for the material used.

Lower cost per piece - Vers-O-Tool is completely adaptable to short, as well as long production runs. The ease of grinding the circular chaser, the quick replacement of tools, the assurance that reground tools will cut threads identical to those previously cut, it's interchangeability and extreme versatility minimizes setup and downtime. In addition, the longer life and sustained accuracies of the Vers-O-Tools are playing an important role in the treading industry. They provide the economy of operation, high production and sustained accuracies required to make them a true asset to this industry. Their range of sizes meets every need and they have convenient interchangeability among the chasers. All this points to the fact that no other threading tool possesses the versatility of Vers-O-Tool.