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Norton 2” Mini Angle Pneumatic Grinder
Norton 2” Mini Angle Pneumatic Grinder - 5/2/2017 11:16:09 AM
Put the world in the palm of your hand when it comes to detail sanding and finishing with the New NORTON 2” Mini Angle Grinder. Small, compact enough in getting to those hard-to-reach areas, and powerful enough to finish the job fast and efficiently. Whether deburring, sanding, blending, or finishing the right combination of power in a mini angle sander and abrasives achieves any task. This Mini Angle Grinder is available as a 2” Stand alone Tool or in a 2” Mini-Angle Kit. Contact Danco for more information on the New NORTON 2” Mini Angle Grinder. 1-800-992-3233

BURR KING Manufacturing
BURR KING Manufacturing - 4/19/2017 10:11:24 AM
For over sixty-five years Burr King grinders, polishers, and vibratory products have been used by the world’s leading companies. Their products use innovative designs of uncompromising quality. They are industrial grade, intended for use on metals, wood, composites, plastics, rubber, stone, fiberglass, and other materials. Each Burr King machine, accessory, and consumable is rigorously tested for specification compliance throughout its manufacture. These are no nonsense tools, which are simple to use. and preferred by professionals. Many Burr King products can be brought to your plant for demonstration. Or, parts may be sent to the Burr King factory for a full process test report. Customers will receive their processed parts back with a complete, easy to understand finishing recommendation that lists methods, materials, equipment and time variables. Contact Danco today for more information about Burr King and this valuable program. 1-800-992-3233.

Dake Corp
Dake Celebrates 130 Years of Manufacturing - 4/4/2017 2:26:26 PM
Before Dake was known for manufacturing machine tools, they were known for steam engines. In 1887, Dake opened its doors in Grand Haven, MI. Shortly thereafter, they went on to manufacture over 10,000 steam engines for the war effort. It was not until the end of World War II that Dake started manufacturing its line of arbor presses and hand operated hydraulic presses. By the 1950’s their line of presses expanded to more than 170 models bringing on a move to the facility it is still in today. Over the years, they have expanded their product line to include bandsaws, cold saws, drill presses, and variety of other machine tools. Each product is built with the understanding that it will be used to help another prosper. The Dake entrepreneurial spirit lives on by empowering the next generation of metalworkers with quality tools that help make their dreams a reality. Let’s all celebrate Dake’s 130 years of success. Contact Danco today to learn more about Dake products. 1-800-992-3233

GUHRING AeroX Drill - 3/15/2017 2:55:55 PM
The Guhring AeroX is an M42 HSCO (8% cobalt)drill best suited for use in the aviation industry. Its improved tool life and high thermal resistance enables drilling in difficult-to-machine materials and at high temperatures. The improved 135-deg split point per NAS 907 P3 produces accurate drilling without punching or centering. It has a specially formed flute for reliable chip formation and evacuation, and a bronze oxide surface finish.
Click here to download the AeroX brochure.

Mitutoyo’s Dial Caliper Promotion
Mitutoyo's Dial Caliper Promotion - 3/2/2017 2:33:45 PM
Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce their dial caliper promotion, which goes into effect on March 1, 2017 and continues through March 31, 2017. With this promotion, Mitutoyo is offering a 10% discount off the regular list prices on select dial calipers. These new calipers have smooth movements with shock-proof mechanisms. An improved finish on sliding surfaces for longevity, and new dial faces for improved readability. To learn more about this promotion call Danco at 1-800-992-3233 or
Click here to view/download the Dial Caliper Promotion pdf

Mitutoyo’s Dial Test Indicators
Mitutoyo’s Dial Test Indicators - 2/3/2017 2:49:01 PM
Mitutoyo America’s new dial test indicators have increased durability, sensitivity and readability. The stylus length is marked on the dial face, and a wide array of styli lengths and ruby tips allow easy access for probing of many applications. A glare-free flat crystal face allows for easy reading of graduations. Multiple layers of hard, smudge-resistant coatings on the crystal prevent scratches and contamination. Choose from a variety of dial positions: horizontal, horizontal with a 20-degree tilted face, vertical and parallel.
Click here to download the Dial Test Indicator brochure.

WYK Sorbent Products
WYK Sorbent Products - 1/12/2017 11:43:33 AM
WYK Sorbents started out 1967 in the food and meat processing industry protecting workers. The product line expanded in 1987 and they entered the industrial market. Fast-forward to today, where they offer a complete line of spill response products. Whether your concern is hazardous and aggressive fluids, oils or water, WYK will meet or exceed your everyday needs, as well as your challenging and critical applications. Spill kits, pails, drums, containment pools, berms, personal protection equipment, and much more. They even offer spill response and hazmat trailer units with the ability to be customized for your own specific needs. Call Danco today 1-800-992-3233 to receive a FREE Spill Response Pocket Guide.
Click Here to download the WYK Sorbent Catalog