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Bandsaw Blade Geometry

Hook Tooth

Hook tooth with positive rake angle is suitable for long-chipping, tough materials - mainly non-ferrous metals and steels with carbon content <0.5%. These are: structural steels, deep drawing steels, tempered steels, rust and acid-resistant steels and exotic alloys. Above all, hook tooth is used with large cross-sections.

Raker Tooth

Raker tooth with rake angle of 0° is especially suitable for cutting short-chipping materials and steels with a high carbon content - mainly tool steel and cast iron. This tooth form can be universally used for workpieces with small cross-sections and thin walled profiles.

Skip Tooth

Skip tooth with a rake angle of 0° is suitable for brittle materials with a larger cross-section such as wood, plastic etc...

Trapezoidal Tooth

Trapezoidial tooth is a special innovation developed by WIKUS©. This is a widened tooth with geometries that feature high machining performance with high material demands. This tooth form replaces the tooth set and is only produced for carbide tipped blades.