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sock and pad absorbents are a necessity in today's modern shop to soak up oils and coolants.

Types of Absorbents to choose from:

Oil-only bonded rolls and pads
For use with all oils. Excellent for around the shop use, e.g. under and around machines. Also great for skimming oil off coolant tanks. These absorbents can be wrung out and reused up to ten times! These absorbents are very useful in situation when you need just oil absorbed and not water.

Universal Bonded rolls and pads
For use with ALL fluids. Even acids and caustics are absorbed with universal bonded and treated polypropylene. These absorbents could be used around and under machines and can be wrung out and reused up to ten times! Cuts easily with scissors or utility knife to meet your needs.

Absorbent rugs
Great for medium to high traffic areas. Absorbent rugs help prevent slipping and falls resulting in injury. These keep aisle ways and walkways clean and employees on sure footing. Absorbent rugs soak up overspray around machines and work as anti-fatigue mats.

Absorbent socks
Absorbent socks are flexible, wringable, incinerable and come in handy to surround, contain and soak up spills. These absorbent socks can be used around machines to skim oil off coolant tanks and keep the fluids off your walkways making your floors clean and safe. All socks, with the exception of the ground corn cob sock, can be wrung out and be reused.

Technical information provided by AMERICAN ENGINEERING FABRICS, INC.